Preschool Combination:

(ages 2.5 - 5) Combo. is a program involving pre-ballet, tap, and tumbling. This class is designed to develop coordination, motor skills, rhythm training, personality movements and flexibility at this young age.


Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance; a program directed towards developing grace, poise and discipline through ballet technique. Anyone desiring complete dance training must consistently remain in ballet classes. When a female student has developed and reached the sufficient criteria, such as technique, skill and strength a pointe class may be added (at the instructor’s discretion).


(ages 2.5+) Tap is a program concentrated on the blend of syncopated rhythms which emphasizes intricate footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound. All classes work on basic tap skills, progressing through tap steps, combinations and eventually dance.


(ages 5+) Hip-Hop is a program that begins with basic isolation skills, skipping, hopping, jumping and gliding that soon lead to jazz/hip-hop steps and combinations. Warm-up techniques are taught to the students to help strengthen and prepare them for more advanced combinations.


(ages 2.5 +) Acro/Tumbling is a program that encompasses a combination of acrobatics and gymnastics. Classes begin with warm-up and flexibility exercises followed by instruction in floor exercises and tumbling skills.


(ages 7+) Contemporary/Jazz is a program that increases flexibility, strength and control by combining the disciplines of ballet and jazz technique. Lyrical uses emotion and expression through dance and combinations. Ballet and jazz would be very beneficial in order to progress properly in this program.

Musical Theatre:

(ages 5+) Musical theatre is a program that focuses primarily on drama, stage and Broadway influenced movements. One or all disciplines of dance maybe incorporated into any combination or routine.


(ages 5+) Clogging is a program concentrated on the blend of syncopated rhythm which emphasizes high energy footwork and the expression of rhythm through multiple sounds. A double tap is used in clogging.

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